Swarm 2.0 Wave: Empowering Digital Freedom

Join the Swarm 2.0, marking the beginning of Winter Solstice, as the Swarm Association continues to empower developers, researchers, artists, and the wider community to co-create and build the first Web3 PC by bridging the gaps between Web3 ecosystems and Web2. Together, we strive to foster digital freedom and unleash the true potential of decentralised technologies.

Total Grant Pool: 300,000 BZZ tokens

(Grants are limited to 10.000 DAI in BZZ. After reaching the grant milestones, one can apply for a follow-up grant.)  

Starts: December 21st  Ends: March 20th 


The Swarm Association's Grant Program focuses on Swarm's decentralised storage. 
Key areas include:   

  • Bridging the gap: Create a Dapp utilizing Swarm and other Web3 players. Your imagination is the limit: L1, L2, and other players in the Web3 space.
  • Polygon Integration: Build a Dapp that combines Polygon with Swarm. 
  • Onboard Web2 project to Swarm.
  • Unlocking Web3 Potential: Create a Dapp using Swarm and power it with AI.
  • Develop NFT applications for industry-scale use cases, focusing on key sectors like digital rights, real estate, etc. Leverage the power of the Swarm Network to redefine the digital landscape.
  • Innovative Applications: Develop apps for decentralized storage, empowering user data control.
  • Enhancing Tools: Improve foundational tools and libraries for FDP`s efficiency and usability. Contribute to libraries for easier Swarm integration in apps.
  • FairOS Integration: Build apps integrating with FairOS storage and leveraging Fairdrive capabilities.
  • Language-Specific Implementations: Expand accessibility with FDP implementations in multiple languages.
Join us in shaping Web3`s future. 
The program supports
Fair Data Principles of interoperability, self-sovereignty, and privacy. 

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Don`t miss this opportunity to be part of the self-sovergeing society we are collectively building. Join our community on the journey towards a decentralized future. 

Let`s shape the future of the internet together!