Swarm Odyssey Grant Wave empowers devs, researchers, artists and wider community to co-create and build the first Web3 PC and empower digital freedom. Harvest the power of the Fair Data Protocol and start collaboration. 

Total Grant Pool: 100 000 DAI in BZZ tokens 

Starts on March 21st, 2023 

Ends on May 21st, 2023

The goals of Fair Data Protocol are interoperability, self-sovereignty and privacy.  Projects are incentivised to work on topics related to Fair Data Protocol:

  • build on Swarm, give control to the user

  • applications integrating with FairOS storage and Fairdrive

  • extending and improving on existing base Fair Data Protocol tools and libraries

  • support Fair Data Protocol in different languages (e.g. Python)

  • future possibilities of a web3 stack

  • share your ideas

Grants are limited to 10.000 DAI. After reaching the grant milestones, one can easily apply for a follow-up grant.

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