Swarm Blossom Grant Wave: 

Empowering Digital Freedom

Join the Swarm Blossom Grant Wave, marking the Summer Solstice, as the Swarm Association continues to empower developers, researchers, artists, and the wider community to co-create and build the first Web3 PC. Together, we strive to foster digital freedom and unleash the true potential of decentralized technologies. 

Total Grant Pool: 100,000 DAI in BZZ tokens

(Grants are limited to 10.000 DAI. After reaching the grant milestones, one can easily apply for a follow-up grant.)  

Starts: June 21st  Ends: August 21st

The Swarm Association's Grant Program focuses on Swarm's decentralized storage. Key areas include:   

·      Unlocking Web3 Potential:  Create a Dapp using Swarm for secure and scalable NFT creation, exchange, and ownership. 

·      Innovative Applications:  Develop apps for decentralized storage, empowering user data control. 

·      FairOS Integration:  Build apps integrating with FairOS storage and leveraging Fairdrive   capabilities.

·      Enhancing Tools:  Improve foundational tools and libraries for FDP`s efficiency and usability. Contribute to libraries for easier Swarm integration in apps.   

·      Language-Specific Implementations:  Expand accessibility with FDP implementations in multiple languages. 

Join us in shaping Web3`s future. The program supports Fair Data Principles  of interoperability,
self-sovereignty, and privacy.  

Apply Now!

Don`t miss this opportunity to part of the self-sovergeing society we are collectively building. Join our community on the journey towards a decentralized future. 

Let`s shape the future of the internet together!