Swarm Grants:

Pura Vida Wave

The purpose of Pura Vida Wave is to enable devs, researchers, community and artists, to get to know Swarm and start exploring by creating proof(s)-of-concept, MVPs, etc. It is the start of the collaboration. Those who successfully reach their milestones, can easily apply for follow-up grants.

Dream big, start small!

"Early to dev, early to grant" info

  • Total grant pool (all grants together): BZZ tokens worth 100k DAI (max. 10k DAI/grant).

  • Call starts Dec. 21st, 2021

  • Call ends Nov. 31st, 2022

What applications are best?

Experimental and playful >> build dapps, mini-apps for Fairdrive or layer2 solutions on Swarm.

Some questions to consider:

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