Swarm Odyssey Grant Program Closure
The recent closure of the Swarm Odyssey Grant Wave marks a significant milestone in our journey towards a decentralised internet. We extend our gratitude to all contributors who embraced the power of the Fair Data Protocol.

Over two months, from 21 March to 21 May 2023, the programme allocated 100,000 DAI in BZZ tokens. Projects focused on the Fair Data Protoco goals, including interoperability, self-sovereignty and privacy. Teams explored Swarm integration, built on FairO storage, and supported the protocol in multiple languages. We thank the grant recipients for their dedication and urge continued engagement in the Swarm community. Your contributions are vital for digital freedom.

New Grant Wave
  We're excited to announce a new wave launching on 21 June 2023. Join and shape the Web3 ecosystem and Swarm's future.

We express our deepest gratitude for your support during the Swarm Odyssey Grant Wave. Together, we shape a decentralized internet.
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